Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fall Post 3: November 13, 2008

Christmas, Ideology and Popular Culture
edited by Sheila Whiteley
reviewed by Joseph Michael Sommers, University of Central Arkansas
listed in: Material Culture, Social Custom

From Greenwich Village to Taos: Primitivism and Place at Mabel Dodge Luhan’s

by Flannery Burke
reviewed by Hilary Iris Lowe, University of Kansas
listed in: Performing Arts, Southwest USA, Visual Arts

Enchanted Lives, Enchanted Objects: American Women Collectors and the Making of American Culture, 1800-1940

by Dianne Sachko Macleod
reviewed by Stephanie Jacobe, American University
listed in: Gender, Visual Arts

In Reckless Hands: Skinner v. Oklahoma and the Near Triumph of American Eugenics

by Victoria F. Nourse
reviewed by Cari Keller, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma
listed in: Science, Southwest USA

Modern Noise, Fluid Genres: Popular Music in Indonesia, 1997-2001

by Jeremy Wallach
reviewed by Matthew J. Forss, Goddard College, Vermont
listed in: Asia, Music

Seeding Civil War: Kansas in the National News, 1854-1858

by Craig Miner
reviewed by Gary L. Cheatham, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma
listed in: Southwest USA, War

Sex Goes to School: Girls and Sex Education before the 1960s

by Susan K. Freeman
reviewed by Jennifer Aerts Terry, California State University, Sacramento
listed in: Gender, Social Custom

Tycoon’s War: How Cornelius Vanderbilt Invaded a Country to Overthrow America’s Most Famous Military Adventurer

by Stephen Dando-Collins
reviewed by Daniel Gerling, University of Texas at Austin
listed in: Latin America, War

Women Who Pioneered Oklahoma: Stories from the WPA Narratives

edited by Terri M. Baker and Connie Oliver Henshaw, with foreword by M. Susan Savage
reviewed by Michel Demyen, University of Victoria, British Columbia
listed in: (Auto)Biography, Southwest USA

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