Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Post 2: October 5, 2009

Sounds of the Modern Nation:  Music, Culture, and Ideas in Post-Revolutionary Mexico
By Alejandro L. Madrid
Review by Russell Cobb, University of Alberta
Listed In: Music and Latin America
Near Black: White-to-Black Passing in American Culture
By Baz Dreisinger
Review by Jacke R. Booker, Winston-Salem State University
Listed In: African American, Social Custom
Music in German Immigrant Theater: New York City, 1840 - 1940.
By John Koegel
Review By Reba Wissner, Brandeis University
Listed In:  Music, Immigrant America
The Devil You Dance With: Film Culture in the New South Africa
Edited by Audrey Thomas McCluskey
Reveiw by Roberta Di Carmine, Western Illinois University
Listed In:  Cinema, Africa
Performing Worlds into Being: Native American Women's Theater
Edited by Anne Elizabeth Armstrong, Kelli Lyon Johnson, and William A. Wortman.
Review by Megan Burnett, Alice Lloyd College, Kentucky
Listed In: Performing Arts, Native American
Investigation Firefly and Serenity: Science Fiction on the Frontier
Edited by Rhonda V. Wilcox and Tanya R. Cochran
Review by Madeline Muntersbjorn, University of Toledo
Listed In: Television, Cinema
Gender, Professions and Discourse: Early Twentieth-Century Women's Autobiography
By Christine Etherington-Wright
Review by Suanna H. Davis, Lone Star College, Texas
Listed In: Gender, (Auto)Biography
Cold War Confrontations: US Exhibitions and Their Rone in the Cultural Cold War
By Jack Masey and Conway Lloyd Morgan.
Review by Antonio Thompson, Austin Peay State University
Listed In: Visual Arts, Material Culture

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